As Microsoft continues to roll out Windows 10 for free to millions, many people are wondering when their download will be ready. Well it just so happens that Microsoft has provided a tool that will allow you to download and install the newest operating system without waiting in line. If you have already received the notice and reserved your spot in line for a Windows 10 upgrade then you are prepared for download. You can follow this link where you can follow the guide and download the media creation tool. The first step is to choose the correct Windows version. You have 4 choices:

  • Windows 10
  • Windows 10 KN
  • Windows 10 N
  • Windows 10 Single Language

Windows 10 is the base full install of Windows. The difference in the other versions comes down to the courts decisions in Europe and Korea. The KN (Korea) and N (Europe) versions of Windows 10 come stripped of certain preinstalled software such as Windows Media Player and Skype. The Windows 10 Single Language will install the language packs only for the language you choose. Once you have made your choice here and then indicated your language for the product you will be presented with 2 download links. One for a 32-bit Download and another for a 64-bit Download. If you are not sure which version you need you can find your version by right clicking on My Computer and going to properties.

Once you have downloaded the tool you will be presented with 2 options

  1. Upgrade this computer
  2. Create installation media for another computer

Either option you choose will begin a download for Windows 10. If you chose option 2 you will need a USB stick with at least 4gb of storage to hold the download ISO. If on the other hand you chose option 1, congratulations you are on your way to installing Microsoft’s newest operating system! Sit back while the download completes. The wizard will then walk you through the installation step by step.

As always, before making any major changes to your system it is always wise to backup your files. There is always risk in installing new software, so be sure anything that is not backed up, you are willing to lose. If you need a quality backup solution checkout Backblaze