Plastic Bottles which has become the necessary item in this world. In 1947,It was the first time that Plastic Bottles were commercially used. But it become popular in 1960s when high-density polyethylene was introduced. Due to their light weight and low cost has made a very good market in comparison with Glass bottles.
Now Today all major industry (food, beverage, medicine, cosmetics etc) use plastic bottles. it is majorly used to store liquid  such as water, oil, soft drink, medicine, milk, shampoo and motor oil. They are available in variety of different type and shape.
But one question still arises How these Plastic Bottles are made ?
Plastic Bottles are made using many different techniques depending upon it’s application. And the material also varies according to application.
Generally these materials are used to manufacture Plastic Bottles.
The most commonly used material is PET, which is use to manufacture Water Bottles,Beverage and many other food items.
Here I will tell you How PET is used to Manufacture Water Bottles.
Step 1: Bottle Manufacturing Company Import PET in the Form Of PET pellets(in actual size), as shown in picture.

Step 2: These Pallets are measured, melted and molded into various “preform” sizes. As shown in fig.

Step 3: Now “Perform” are inserted into molds by heating in stretch blow system. Now Stretching Rods are inserted into the preforms and blow up the preforms into the proper shape. Like as shown in figure.

Step 4: Final shapes of the bottles are emerged from the, which range in size from 500 ml to 12 liters.

Here we saw how plastic bottles are made using a very simple and fast technique.