Hello Friends, Today i found a unique trick “How to Create You Own Run Commands in Windows PC”. I always want to work fast on my PC compare to others. I worked for minimum 12-16 hrs daily on my PC. So i need more working speed to complete my work in less time. And other thing is i am very lazy person. So i always trying to find the shortcut methods.

If you want to use any application frequently on your PC, then you need to go to your desktop screen to run that application or you can use start menu and find the application and run it. This takes time to find any app or go to desktop again and again.

How to Create Your Own Run Commands

If you want to improve your Work Speed On Windows Pc then you need to create your own Commands.

Before, I show you how to create your own Run commands. You must know How to open Run Command. To Open Run Command Use Windows Button with “R” (Windows + R). Popup windows will open after that Click on OK.

Must Check:

Now You Only need to type your application name and hit enter. Unfortunately, not all programs can be accessed through this method. So, let me show you how to create Run commands that do not come as inbuilt commands.

Steps to Create your own run commands

Step: 1 First you need to chose software or application for which you want to Create custom command

Let we take an example: I chose Google chrome, Remember You must not chose those application which are already there in Run Command

Step: 2 Right Click On Desktop and create a shortcut on desktop (Right click > New > Shortcut )

create shortcut

Step: 3 when you create a shortcut then they will ask you path of the application or software for which you want to create the Run command.

Step : 4 Now, you need to browse through the files and choose the one that shows “chrome.exe”. Well, it is quite obvious that all the executable files can be found in the C drive (or wherever the Operating System has been installed), inside the folder “Program Files”. For example, “C:UsersUSER-PCAppDataLocalGoogleChromeApplicationchrome.exe” .

Once you are done with Step number 4, just click on “Next” button and simply provide a relative name to that shortcut. Remember, the same name will be used later in the Run command.

For example, “GC” for Google Chrome

Step : 5 Now, click on the “Finish” button. Once it is done, an icon related to that application or software will show up on your computer’s screen. It means that the process of creating shortcut has been done successfully.

Step : 6 In this step, just cut and paste that recently made shortcut icon into your computer’s root drive, in its Windows folder.

For example, C: Windows , Make sure you are the administrator of the computer or have its password.

Step: 7 Now, you are done with the set up and can run the application through Run Command. Just go to Run and enter the keyword “GC”, and Google Chrome will begin executing.