Lost or Stolen phone is common. Many time people left or misplaced their phone under the pillow, couch or somewhere and keep on searching for it. Usually people ring it or find it but sometimes your phone is in silent mode. Now its very irritating task to locate your phone. But Android Device Manager comes with an easy solution to locate lost Android phone.

In case your phone is stolen, using Android device Manager you can easily find out its location. It is a great tool by which you can find the exact location of your device. If you find that your phone is near to you. You can ring it loud even if it is in silent mode. There are many other feature of ADM, i am going to discus here.

Advantage of Android Device Manager

  • You can locate misplaced or stolen device.
  • Lock your device or change screen lock from anywhere.
  • You can secure your data from others by deleting it from anywhere.
  • Ring your device loud from anywhere (even in silent mode).

How to find lost Android phone using Android Device Manager

To turn on this feature for your device, Go to Settings>>Security>>Device Administrators and tick or Activate the Android Device Manager.

Now in your PC,  Go to  Android Device Manager and Sign In using your Google Account that you use in your Android device.
It will automatically detect the device associate with it.

Locate Your Device

To locate your device location, click on the Device location icon as shown below.

It will contact and show your device location on Google map. 

Ring Your Device

Now click on the Ring icon, then in the pop up click on the Ring button to ring your device loud. 

Your device will ring, even your device is in silent mode.

Lock Your Android Device 

You can lock your Android device from anywhere. To lock your device Click on the LOCK icon. Then you need to set the passwords. 

Enter the new password and click on the Lock button. It will automatically lock your device. Now to unlock it, you need to enter the password.

Erase your Android Data

If your phone get stolen, the first thing that worries is your data. Now you can secure your device data from wrong hand. By deleting it from anywhere.
To delete your Android phone data, Click on the Erase Icon.

Now it will ask for the confirmation. Click on Erase button in the appearing pop up box.

When you click on the Erase it will automatically Factory Reset your device. All your apps, photos and other data will got deleted.

Using the above methods you can easily secure and find your lost Android phone. But you can only use this method, if you already Enabled Android Device Manager in your phone. As precaution is better then cause. So you better enable ADM in your phone.