Everyone on this planet have some secret. And due to digitization, you also start digitize your secret like some secret file, pictures or some documents. Usually people hide such documents or files so that no one can access them. You may also have some files like pictures of your girl friend, 18+ content or other that you did not want to show to your friends or your partner. Now a days people use to keep these stuffs in their phone. Most of the smart phone on this planet have Android platform.

So if you want to hide files in android phone then you must read this article.
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There are plenty of apps available on the android market that can hide or lock your private file. But if you just want to hide files in android without any app, then there is a very simple trick fr this.

How to hide files in android without any app ?

To hide files in Android without any app just follow these simple steps:

Step1: Create a new folder in your Android phone File Manager. You can create it anywhere in your phone memory or your SD Card. Suppose you named it “Hide”.

Step 2: Now move your secret files, pictures or videos to this folder.

Step 3: Now Rename this folder with a .(DOT) prefix to the name. Like i rename “Hide” with “.Hide”

Step 4: Your Folder Got hidden or invisible.

Step 5: You can Hide or Unhide your folder by checking and Unchecking the “Show hidden file” option in settings.

Its that easy to hide files in android and that too without any app.

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