Now a days finding an Ip address is not a big task, there are many methods by which any one can easily found out their computer Ip address.

Here in this article i will tell you How to find ip address , using different methods on different machines.

How to find ip address ?

Method to find my ip address on windows Pc.

Method 1: Windows user can find out their ip address by using this simple method

Step 1: Open Run from Start menu or by pressing simultaneously Windows key + R .

A run dialog box will appear.

Now type cmd and press Enter.

Step2: In Command prompt type ”ipconfig”, it will display you the information about your IP Address.

  • The IP address is 4 sets of digits, with up to three digits per set. The typical internal IP address will look like: 192.168.X.X
  • The ipconfig printout is long, you may have to scroll up to find the IPv4 address.

Method to find my ip address on Mac

Like windows user Mac user can also find out the ip address of their machine very easily.

Step 1: Open your terminal program(It is a free program installed on all Macintosh, it is located under Utilities folder in Applications)

Step 2: Now type ”ifconfig” , it will display the ip address of your machine.

Method to find my ip address on Linux

Same like windows and mac , one can find out Ip Adress of system with linux. Just open the Prompt and type ”ipconfig” and will print your IP Address

You can also find out the IP Address of your Router by simply visiting some websites. They display your IP Address as soon you open their website. You did not have to do anything.

Just visit these website and they will display all the information about your Network, location,ISP, your Browser and Os etc.

If you still have any doubts on ” how to find ip address ” you can ask it in comments.