You must have played with invisible ink in your childhood. You used to prank your friend by writing some secret text using that and it is visible in some black or blue light.
In the digital world it is called steganography, which is used to hide some files or folders in some other files. Users can only access the front file like if you have embedded or hide a file inside a picture. Your user can only see the picture not the secret hidden file.

There are many software and apps to hide a file inside a picture or you can use manual tricks also. Using these tools you can hide secret information’s in imade, pdf, mp3 and html.

I will tell you about both manual method and by software method to hide a file inside a picture.

hide a file inside a picture
Hide File Inside a Picture

Manual method to hide a file inside a picture


You need to have either WinZip or WinRAR in your pc. If you don’t have you can download it from internet for free.

Using this method you can hide or embed any type of file in inside an image, txt, exe, mp3, avi etc etc.

Now lets get started with

Hide a file inside a picture

Step 1: Create a New folder (let name it hide)and put all the files that you want to hide with the image in which you want hide these files.

Step 2: Now select and compress all the file (except the image ) in .rar format. A compressed folder will got created in that folder. Let’s name it “Hidden.rar”.

Step 3: Now open your Command Prompt (cmd). You can open it from Start>>Run>>Cmd.

Now open the directory or folder that you have created in cmd. Like i created Hide at 

C:UsersfDesktophide, so i type these commands in cmd.

cd Desktop
cd hide

Now type a command in this format “copy /b Imagename.JPG + compressarchieve.rar ” like in my case it will be copy /b image.JPG + Hidden.rar and strike the Enter key.

Your files are now hidden in your image file. You can observe it by checking the size of your image file, it must be increased by some amount.

How to access Hidden files ?

To access your hidden file, open your image file in win rar or change its extension to .rar
Automatic Software method to hide a file inside a picture

There are many free software available on internet to hide a file inside a picture. But you must use the tested and trusted software or tools.

1.Hide In Picture: is a program that allows you to conceal files inside bitmap pictures, using a password. The pictures look like normal images, so people will not suspect there is hidden data in them.

2. Pict Encrypt (for MAC): Its a free software for mac user, using this you can encrypt a text to any image file(jpeg, jpg, png, gif, tiff). and can lock it with a password. It is some how different from the Hide in Picture as it actually not embed file in image but encrypt the text inside a image file.

So now using tools you can hide any of your personal data inside an image, you can even lock it to protect it from some intelligent people. Its a cool way to send any secret message. Enjoy this cool amazing trick.

If you have any doubt regarding ” how to hide a file inside a picture” , you can clear your doubts in comments.