Sometimes you need to hide some files or folder to protect it from some unauthorized users. Like hiding your Girlfriend pictures from your parent or hiding some adult content,
There are lots of software available on the internet by which you can lock your folder. But if you want to hide a folder without any software you can use cmd to hide any folder or file.

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Lets learn How to hide a folder using cmd ?

Its very easy to hide a folder using cmd, just follow these simple steps.

Step 1: Create a folder in the drive you want to hide.
Suppose a folder ABC in D: drive

Step 2: Now move all the files to this folder that you want to hide.

Step 3: Now start run command using “window key + R”.

Step 4: A Run Command Dialog Box will Appear. Now type ” cmd ” and press Enter.

Step 5: Now in command prompt type “attrib +s +h FOLDER_LOCATION”
like “attrib +s +h D:ABC”

Now check D Drive, your folder will be invisible or hidden.

Step 6: How to Unhide a folder using cmd ?

To unhide the folder replace all the “+” with “-” in the above command. I.e “attrib -s -h FOLDER_LOCATION”

like attrib -s -h D:ABC

Its that easy to hide a folder using cmd, you did not need any software or tool. Just remember this one line command.

If you still have any doubts on ” How to hide a folder using cmd “, you can clear it in comments