Hello friend, today I found a new trick how to install back track 5 in your android phone, backtrack is an operating system which is basically use by hackers. It’s also my favourite operating system, because it made by word class hackers and second is the entire hacking tools are available there. So it’s a good news for hackers now they can hack computer security with own android phone.

backtrack 5

For this we have some basic requirement:

  • Simple smart phone have
  • Android operating system (Android version must be 2.1+, I recommended 4.1+).
  • 1GHZ processor (recommended)
  • 512MB Ram (recommended)
  • Kernel will loop device support (this is included in most custom ROM’s)
  • SD card with at least 3.5GB of free space
  • Data connection on your device

Software requirement For Installing Backtrack 5 in Smart phone

1. A Smartphone/tablet which needs to be rooted since it requires root permission to run certain scripts. (How to Root your android Phone)

2. Back | track 5 Arm architecture which can be downloaded from the official website of the Back | track Here.

3. Following Android Apps:

  • BUSYBOX: It acts like a installer and uninstaller. It needs root permission to run. It has gpu cores and can run Linux kernels on android. Link
  • Super user: This app just grants a super user power to your phone just like “su” does for Linux. Link
  • Terminal Emulator is app that runs a terminal console in android .Link
  • Android VNC is a tool for viewing VNC in Android. Link

Steps to install Backtrack 5 in Your Phone

1. Extract the backtrack folder “BT5-GNOME-ARM” to folder named “BT5” on the root of sd. That’s the top level of the SD card.

2. Open up the Terminal Emulator

3. Type the command “cd sdcard/BT5”

4. Run this command and you will see root@localhost.
sh bootbt

5. Now let’s run Backtrack GUI with VNC viewer

6. Open android vnc

Nickname : BT5
Password : toortoor
Address :
Port : 5901

7. Click the connect Button and Boom here is your Pentest machine.

After installing the backtrack 5 in your phone you can call