Majority of smart phone has Android and is the most popular Mobile operating system. Internet sharing on mobile is also very common. In Android you can use Hotspot to share your Internet data pack with others like your friend or family. Or you can also use it to access internet on your other WiFi supported phones or Laptop.

But most of the people have trouble in creating WiFi Hotspot in their Android Smart phone.

So in this tutorial i will teach you

How to create wifi hotspot on android ?

The WiFi Hotspot feature comes into the Android phone with the Android froyo 2.1 version. Using this feature you can turn your smart phone into the Wi-Fi hotspot. That means if your phone has internet connection, then you can use this same internet connection on your other gadgets like laptop etc by creating a wifi hotspot on your Android phone.

Its very simple to create wifi hotspot on android, just follow these simple steps and then you can access free wifi on your laptop and other phones.

Step 1:
 Open your Settings Menu on your Android Smart Phone.

Step 2: Now try to find Tethering and portable hotspot option. It is in right there in Wireless and Networks or in More Settings .

Step 3: Now open Portable Wi-Fi Hotspot option in Tethering and portable hotspot.

Step 4: Touch the Configuration Option.

Now give a name to your Hotspot.


Don’t forget to Save your Configuration.


You can also select how many devices can connect to your Hotspot or can also select the devices that are allowed to use your free wifi from theAllowed Devices option.

Step 5: Now turn on your Portable Wi-Fi Hotspot.

Step 6: Now check your laptop for the available wifi network. And try to connect with your Android Hotspot, you may need to enter the Key, if you have enabled the security.

Its that simple any easy to create wifi Hotspot on Android. If you still have any doubt you can ask it in comments.