Hey guys Whats Up..?? Are you using Whatsapp Messenger? Best messaging app with amazing features like photo, video and contact sharing etc. But did you know you can do much more using whatsapp. Like hiding whatsapp last seen. Here i am sharing some cool WhatsApp Tips and Tricks

Reading Your Friend WhatsApp Conversation 

Yes it is possible to hack and read your friends personal conversation by this amazing trick. The trick is very simple but this trick require 2 minute access to your friend mobile.
If you get to access your friends mobile. Just Go To File Manager. In file manager you will find a folder name Whatsapp.
Open the Whatsapp folder, then open Database . Copy all the file from Database folder and transfer it to your phone.
Now you can read all the conversation of your friend. 

Password Protect Your Whatsapp Messenger

Usually when people get access to your Mobile phone. They try to read your personal messages. So its better to set password to your messaging services. You can easily set password to Whatsapp Messenger to make it more secure and protect your privacy.

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Disable or hide Last seen on Whatsapp

Last Seen is the most concerning thing in the WhatsApp. But did you know you can Disable or hide your last seen on Whatsapp. 
Read this guide to Hide Whatsapp Last seen.

More then One Whatsapp Account on Single Phone

Some people have dual SIM phone. They want to use Whatsapp with both of their number. But in general you can only configure only one SIM with Whatsapp.
Here i am sharing a trick to maintain two or more then one WhatsApp account on single phone.
But this process require root access to your phone. So to root your Android Phone check this one click root guide for any phone.
Then you need to Download and Install Switch Me Multiple Account App.

Disable Automatic Download Of Images 

To save wasting of your data in downloading unwanted images from Whatsapp. You can use Whatsapp Plus App to disable automatic download of images.
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