The purpose of this program is to test whether your device (Kernel!) is compatible with ROEHSOFT RAMEXPANDER, they can use it as storage use information program continues if the strike should check compatibility for your device fails.This is not the Memory Manager. This is the Sysinfo Tool with Builtin Kernel Check Function.Unfortunately, some Android devices are not in spite of root privileges in a position to deal with a swapfile, some manufacturers have this disabled kernel side. To find out if your device is compatible with RAMEXPANDER the program requires root privileges, according the Test button gets her device a large set 100Mb swap file is available, then you have to check in 5 minutes to see whether your device is unstable as the Some phones may be the case, unfortunately, the reason lies in the modules that were compiled without swap support from the manufacturer. Test extensively start their programs, after 5 minutes you get successful returns a message on the screen and can optionally install directly SWAPit Ram Expander, which they can then create up to 2.5 GB of RAM.

What’s New

1.61 SwapInfo added to menu now its compatible with x86!
1.58 older devices comp. fixed.
1.57 increased testfilesize to 100Mb
1:56 KernelInfos added to Menu
1:53 fixed Path detection for some Samsung kernels
1:52 fixed so many busybox erros…
now the partitions should be detected correct
1:51 Partition Finder
1:50 pseudo 3 points icon for some devices
Qaudcore recognition
1:36 now recognize the new Samsung Galaxy S2 and S3 paths.