Doctor always recommend to drink more and more water. It keeps you healthy as it takes out of all the toxins from your body. Usually people drink 2-3 glass of water daily, which is insufficient . Human body needs at-least 4-5 Litter daily in on average. But most people drink only 2 -2.5 lt daily. And they have common excuse for that, they forget to drink water.

App that remind you when to drink water

If you usually forget to drink water, then this app is made for you. This app will remind you, when you have to drink water. Just set how much glass of water you want to drink daily. Then this app will notify you at every certain interval of time by buzzing an alarm. You can also set time according to you, then it will remind you to drink water.

This app also provides you the monthly or weekly graph that will tell your capability of drinking water. This is an awesome app for patients suffering from . …..
You can download Drinking Water app from here