If i talked about Android Smart phones they are really good but there are some issues that worries me like low sound volume. All good android Smart phone has limited sound. Even if you go for high price range Android Smart phone, you will not get much sound volume. But don’t worry there are some ways to increase sound of Android mobile. In this post i will tell you “How to Increase Sound Of Android Mobile “.

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If you are thinking to have good sound volume for your Android phone. So that you can listen music on Speakers. You must go with this process of increasing sound of Android mobile.

Before We Begin

We are actually installing a Viper4Android MOD on your mobile phone. So there are some Pre Requirement of this MOD i.e your phone must be rooted. 

Downloads to Increase Sound Of Android Mobile

Viper4Android FX MOD (Download it compatible to your Android Version)

How to install and Enable Viper4Android MOD to Increase Sound Of your Android Mobile

Step 1:Download and Extract the file. And transfer the .apk file to your phone.
Step 2: Now open it through file manager of your phone.
Step 3: Install the application. (Simple YES/ No process)
Step 4: When app got install. Open it.
Step 5: It will ask you to install Audio drivers. Just confirm it. 
Step 6: When the process got completed, Reboot your phone.
Step 7: After Reboot, open the application again and set your settings.

This works on any GB+ device. Try it on your device, if it works then comment below with your device name.