It was always a mystery that “ how to share gif image on facebook “, only some people know the secret behind this, but now i am revealing this secret, so from now everyone can learn and share animate gif image on facebook through this post.

What you have to do to share gif image on facebook ?

One can only share already existing gif image on facebook, as facebook pathches most of the newly uploaded gif images.

Step: 1 First you have to find a page which already shared gif images.

Like :

Step 2: Now right click on the gif image and copy the Link Location.

Step 3: Now paste this link on notepad

  1. Now replace the username of the page or profile from the page or profile of yours.
  2. Like replace Animation2share from the above link with your username.

Step 4: Now copy this edited url and share it on your profile.

Step 5: Don’t forget to remove url once the gif image shows up.

Enjoy and keep sharing this info with others