It’s natural that one who has come or taken birth have to go or die someday. But as in physical world you live your life and at the end make your testament or will. But what about your virtual world property.

Generally it’s found people search for these questions like

  • what happened to your facebook when you die ?
  • what happens to your email when you die?
  • what happens to your social networking sites when you die ?

Many time you might also wondered what will happen to your facebook, myspace and twitter Accout after i die.

Here I come up with the answer to all these questions.

Same like real world you can make your testament in virtual or digital world also. You can select some of your friends which can access your account after you die. For this LegacyLocker giving a great service.

With your signup on this website you can nominate two or more of your friends, who will take care of your digital property after you die. But before making your will make sure you are selecting a right person.

With free service of this website you can only attach your three web account, else you can also attach a legacy letter also.

In paid service you can add unlimited account and legacy letter.

So friends what your views about this interesting and useful website, tell us in t he comments.

I will come up with more interesting website, keep exploring our blog for more interesting and awesome stuff.