If you are using Whatsapp then you must be aware of this last Seen feature. This is no doubt a very good feature of Whatsapp. But some time it become a problem for us. Like if someone sent you a message and you don’t want him to notify him that you read it. But this last seen feature display your last seen time and date. So you can not lie him that you did not read the message. Here in this post i am sharing an amazing trick to disable or hide last seen on whatsapp.
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You can disable last seen of whatsapp manually or by using some app. I am sharing both the method.

Disable last seen of Whatsapp

Manual Method to Disable Last seen of Whatsapp on any mobile platform

If you want to disable Whatsapp Last seen on any mobile platform (Android, Windows, Iphone , Nokia Asha, BlackBerry). The best and easy way to do this is my turning off your mobile data. Just disable your mobile data and read your whatsapp message and then close it. Now again activate mobile data.
So while using Whatsapp if your mobile data is disable then your last seen will not update and no one will notify about your last seen of whatsapp.

 Disable or Hide Last Seen on Whatsapp in Android 

In Android there are many apps to hide last seen of Whatsapp. I am sharing the best one.
Just download and Install this app. Now your Whatsapp last seen will be disable. Actually this app deactivate your mobile data when you run the Whatsapp Messenger. So other user will not update about your last seen.

 Disable or Hide Last Seen on Whatsapp in Iphone

In Iphone there is an inbuilt functionality to hide last seen of Whatsapp. In the latest update of whatsapp for Iphone, you can disable last seen from the internal setting.
To disable last seen in iphone. Go to Settings>>Advanced>> Last Seen Time Stamp and turn this off.